Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Einstein and Hard Rock Hotel

Back to New York Bagels at Cabeza de Einstein for morning coffee. We wanted 4 dozen onion bagels to take home, but ended up with a variety after depleting the entire onion stock. Einstein, hanging out in the bushes just outside the door, grinned when we left lugging 4 big brown paper bags -- 52 bagels in all since we scored the traditional Baker's dozens.

We spent the afternoon poking about shops. At Multicentro, a huge shopping mall that rivals any in the US, we shared a gooey and delicious Cinnabon then walked directly through a conecting passage to the Consultorio Paitilla, the office space for doctors affliliated with the private Paitilla Hospital. This passage passes through the Hard Rock Hotel where we ogled photos and costume displays for many of the world's most famous musicians.

Good news at the opthalmologist's office: Carl's eye has healed properly and his vision is much improved in his right eye. Of course his macular degeneration will always cause some distortion and it is most prominent in the right eye.

There's a very early morning tomorrow as we have to leave the hotel by 5am. We're going home.

Wujuuuuu!! (that's Spanish for for woohooooo!)

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  1. Great news about Carl! Sounds like a nice sort of last day in the city.

    : )